Every piece of software that impacts your life was started somewhere by someone.

That, somewhere, began in the notorious garage, the tiny dorm room, the ramen-filled kitchen, or a friend’s basement.

That, someone gathered everything inside of them to say, "I. CAN. DO. THIS."

Getting started - it's the hardest freaking part.

It takes saying to yourself:
"I don't give a sh*t what people think!
I'm going to do this and do it 10000%. 
No one can stop me.
If I fail, I'll try again. 
If I succeed, I'll keep pushing.
Don't ever give up."

This is Piqued.

The founders that went through hell and back to make a dream come true.
The founders that decided they could do "it."
The founders that were told "no" too many times.
The founders that wanted better for consumers.
The founders that proved to themselves and the world they were worthy.

This is Piqued.

The software that was built from pain. 
The software that has broken 100x over. 
The software that has been beat up by funders yet continues to prevail.
The software that can and will make our lives easier. 
The software that has a story.

This is Piqued.

Founders and their software.


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